Dream Chapters

What’s Proven To Be The Hardest Thing So Far?

I know I can create great content, but I'm struggling to get it in front of people.

Now that I’m about a month into this journey I’ve been able to identify things that are going much smoother than I had originally anticipated, as well as things that are harder than I had imagined. I’ve really enjoyed being able to focus full time on my writing, and whether it be here on DreamChapters.com or on my primary site MySFGiantStop.com sitting down and creating content hasn’t been hard thus far. I’ve got so much to talk about, and i’m rewarded with so much satisfaction when I sit down and spill my thoughts and opinions onto my websites. It’s definitely still early in my new story, but in this chapter, “Dream Chapters” which is focused on creating content that I am happy with and feel good about, has been great.

Let’s get strait to it.

You know what’s been hard?

Getting people to read my content!

Holy shit man!

I by no means thought it would be easy, but wasn’t prepared for how difficult it was going to be to get my content in front of the world! We can take a step back from the world and say, how hard it would be to get my content in front of a few freakin people. Between my two sites I’ve had about 1,700 visitors since I started, I will keep in mind that I launched this Dream Chapters just a few days ago, and have had MySFGiantStop for about a month, but it’s hard man. Now, I am so fudgin proud to have reached that many people, but you really feel the pressure when you’ve decided to forego your job and income to become a writer. I realize now as I’m writing this that even though I said I’m proud, I should embrace that pride in the accomplishment a little bit more. I’ve just got it engraved in my mind that I’ve got to do better and I’ve got to do more.

I would say that 90% of the traffic to my sites has come from Facebook. Speaking of! Let me take a second to promote the MySFGiantStop.com official Facebook page! Click the underlined link to visit and follow the page.


As I mentioned, Facebook has been my primary route to getting views on my sites, but I only have so many Facebook friends I can force-feed my content to. I need to discover more avenues, and that’s been the main struggle. I know that Twitter is huge, probably the top player in regards to social media, BUT SHIT! It is not easy to get a following going on Twitter! You ready for that plug doeee! Check out and follow MySFGiantStop.com‘s official Twitter page by clinking the underlined link.

Had to do it to ya!

I haven’t been on Twitter for long, I started Twitter the same time I launched my first website, so about a month ago, but I’ve got six followers dude, SIX, that sucks butt cheeks. You know, I feel like my hashtag game is strong, but obviously it’s fuckin not. So, if any of you are rockin the Twitter game and feeling friendly, drop a comment on this post and let me know your secrets.

I have solely focused my marketing on social media, but it’s time to expand and get more creative. I need to start doing things like making fliers explaining my websites and promoting myself. I need to staple them to every telephone pole within a 100 mile radius. I need to take those flyers and stand outside of Walmart and try to hand them to every person that walks by. I live in an apartment for Christ sake, how hard would it be for me to tape one of those fliers to every unit door at complex? Not hard, definitely time consuming, but not hard. And what are they going to do arrest me? Fuck em, I’m following my dreams!

No matter how difficult marketing has proven to be in the early pages of this Dream Chapter, I’ve got no doubt in how this book will end. I refuse to throw in the towel or even give in a little. My dreams are mine to lose, but that also means that my dreams are mine to win. Good thing I’m a winner 🙂

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