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Creating An Opportunity…… Almost

I put myself out there and end up engaged in conversation about a potential writing job.

I know that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but I had a pretty cool conversation the other day with someone inside the Volcanoes organization. The Volcanoes were a low A-ball affiliate to the San Francisco Giants baseball team. The story is that as of last Wednesday short season baseball has been eliminated from professional baseball, leaving the Volcanoes without a team.

I’ve been to hundreds of Volcanoes games because I’ve lived my whole life with the team practically in my backyard. It was a sad day for me when I got the news of the teams dismissal and decided to write an article. (Here’s a link if you want to check it out!) I wrote about all of the great memories my son Coleton and I made throughout the years attending games.

I thought, what the heck and got onto Facebook and sent the article through messenger to the Volcanoes Facebook page. I explained my feelings for the team and how I am saddened with the change. About twenty minutes later I got a reply saying that they had read and enjoyed the article and were going to share it on their Facebook page.

I’m thinking, “Ughh hell yeah!” I’m honored that they enjoyed the article and wanted to share it, but that’s also great for my blog! There are over 13,000 people that follow the Volcanoes Facebook page, so that’s great publicity for me. They shared the article as well as giving me a shout out on their page. The share helped to spark a good amount of traffic on my baseball website MySFGiantStop.com

Our conversation over messenger continued as I expressed my appreciation for the share and affirmed that I will always be a fan of Volcanoes baseball no matter what 2021 looks like. I figured that would be the end of our conversation, but things continued as whoever this person is that runs the Volcanoes social networks asked me if I’ve published any books as they see I am a writer.

I explained that I haven’t published any books and gave a quick run through as to what got me into this position of writing. Something that those of you that follow my blog already know. I told the Volcanoes social networker that my professional dream in life is to become a baseball writer. I explained how back in July of this year I quit my job and sold my home to be able an support my family as I devote myself full time to capturing my dreams. They complimented my passion and dropped a congratulations.

My wheels started turning and I figured what a time to shoot my shot. What’s the worst they can say, no? I’m compiling quite the list of no’s on this journey so far and my skin continues to thicken to the word. If they say no it won’t faze me, but what if they say yes…?? I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger; presenting the idea that if there was ever a need on the end of the Volcanoes organization for a writer, or someone to build and run a blog focused on the team and its involvement with the community, I’m the guy.

Shortly after I put myself out there I received a friend request from Jerry Walker. What’s the significance of this? Jerry Walker is the president and owner of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. I’m wondering if this is stemming from the fact that my article was on his teams Facebook page. Potentially he saw the article and he sent me a request, but maybe this could be related to my inquiry on working with the Volcanoes as a writer.

I started getting excited sitting in anticipation waiting on a reply to my inquiry, also I’m wondering if for one reason or another Jerry Walker would reach out to me. When the Volcanoes got back to me with a “who knows, perhaps there is a place for this?” and asked the question of how I am compensated. It took me about twenty minutes to be content with my reply. I was thinking of how great it would be if this worked out and I wanted to answer the question as honestly and professionally as I could. I replied stating that there is most definitely a need for this and put together different options for potential compensation.

When you shoot your shot, sometimes you’ll miss the target.

I got my reply and was informed that due to Covid the goal for the Volcanoes currently is to cut expenses, not add new ones. Covid strikes again. I also never heard anything from Larry Walker and acknowledge that the friend request was surely in line with my article making an appearance on his teams Facebook page.

I had so much anticipation built up between messages thinking i’m potentially about to get a job writing about baseball?! The minutes felt like hours waiting on the replies to my messages. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and I still make $0.00 an hour for my writing.

There are definitely some positives I was able to take away from this situation. The biggest thing for me was that I made this happen, I mean… I get it, nothing actually happened, but I made this conversation happen by putting myself out there and that feels good. It gives me a new way to look at things. Waking up in the morning and looking for writing jobs online is practical, but I don’t always have to wait for jobs to come to me. This proved to me that I can bring myself to a job I want. It’s not hard to start a conversation, and I want to make putting myself out there a priority. I don’t want to just wait for opportunities to come to me, I want to create opportunities for myself.

Every “no” continues to be a big motivator for me. The no’s hurt, but build the desire inside me to succeed.

I’ll get there


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